Ready to go?

Loaded bikesThe bikes are ready even if we aren’t.

The bikes are ready to goWe can ride them but we can’t lift them – which will make putting them on the train on Wednesday a bit tricky.

The cat doesn't want to comeSadly the cat has decided not to come with us.


About Bridget and Graham

We are both knocking on a bit, we're a bit over weight and we're not very fit, so we have decided to cycle to central Asia. Who knows how far we will actually get. We are doing it for fun, and to raise money for Grenfell Housing & Training, a small organisation that supports vulnerable young people in South West London. You can donate here
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One Response to Ready to go?

  1. Thierry BOCCARD says:

    The evening, Bridget and Graham will sleep at our campsite. We are at Buzancy, in the French Ardennes between Reims and Luxembourg. They are happy and now they drink a fresh bier.

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