Raising money for Grenfell

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For 25 years Grenfell has provided temporary supported housing for young single people in south west London.

Grenfell started in 1985 in Merton with a seven-bedroom house, helping young people who were homeless.

Since then they have grown and now have 95 bed spaces across Wandsworth, Kingston and Merton. They run a ‘dispersed foyer’ which houses young people in ordinary houses with the support of a dedicated housing officer and training.

They support more than 200 learners though their training programmes and recently they have expanded their remit to work with families at risk of homelessness.

Grenfell is a very small organisation which works in partnership with other local groups to make the biggest possible impact. They do amazing work supporting young people and helping them make the transition to independent adulthood. Many of these young people would be on the street without Grenfell’s help.

In the current climate, they need money more than ever to be able to continue their work.

Donate to Grenfell


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